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10 Ways to Get Passive Basketball Players to Be More Aggressive

Everyone knows that basketball is a game of aggression. If a team's players aren't aggressive, they won't be able to win many games. If you're coaching youth basketball and your team lacks the necessary aggression, it can be difficult to get them to flip the switch.

Here are some tips for getting passive basketball players to be more aggressive:

1. Set the Tone at Practice.

The first thing that needs to happen is that you need to set the tone at practice. You should make sure your practices have an intense atmosphere where aggressiveness is rewarded and passivity isn't tolerated. This way, your players will understand what type of behavior they should strive for during games as well.

2. Focus on Fundamentals.

It's also important to make sure your players have the fundamental skills to be aggressive. Work on footwork, shooting and other fundamentals in practice so when it comes time for a game, they'll have the confidence they need to be more assertive.

3. Give Positive Feedback.

Coaches should reward their players for being aggressive by giving them positive feedback or playing them in important situations. This will give them the motivation they need to stay aggressive and continue striving for success.

4. Make Use of Video.

Watching film and breaking down game footage is a great way to teach your players about being aggressive. You can show them what type of aggression you're looking for and how they should be executing it on the court.

5. Teach Proper Communication.

If your players aren't communicating with each other, they won't be able to maximize their aggression. Teach them how to talk to each other on the court in order to better coordinate their efforts and overall play more aggressively as a team.

6. Demonstrate Aggression Yourself.

Players will take cues from their coach, so make sure you exemplify the kind of aggressiveness that you want from them. Show them that it's okay to be aggressive and that it's the only way to win games.

7. Teach the Fundamentals of Attacking.

In addition to working on skills, you should also teach your players how to attack their opponents. Show them how they can use angles, strength and other techniques to get an edge against their opponents.

8. Give Players Space.

Too often, coaches micromanage players on the court which leads to a lack of aggression. Make sure you give your players space so they can make decisions for themselves and take more initiative out on the court.

9. Emphasize Intent.

Rather than just telling your players what plays to run or shots to take, focus on emphasizing intent instead. This will help players think ahead and adjust their aggression level in order to get the desired outcome.

10. Instill Self-Belief.

Finally, it's important that you instill a sense of self-belief in your players. If they don't believe that they can be successful, then they won't have the drive or motivation to show aggression on the court. Work on building up their confidence and make sure they know that you trust them to do what needs to be done to win games.

Following these tips can help you get passive basketball players to become more aggressive. With the right attitude and dedication, you'll soon see your team take their game up a notch!

Good luck out there coaches!


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